National Spa Week at St Brides Spa Hotel

National Spa Week at St Brides Spa Hotel

Everyone needs a break away from normal life once in a while and we thought National Spa Week was the perfect opportunity to showcase our Marine Spa and tell you about the wonderful benefits regular Spa visits can have on your mind, body and general wellness.

The use of spas dates back as far as Ancient Greek times where bathing in hot and cold water was considered a remedy for a lot of ailments. Thalassotherapy, from the Greek word Thalassa meaning ‘Sea,’ is the medical use of sea water as a form of therapy. Thalassotherapy was the first type of healing ritual used by the Ancient Greeks and later the Romans, and would include bathing, massage and relaxation. Spa visits were treated as an absolute priority by our ancient ancestors for their general health and well-being. Today, it is quite surprising that fewer than 10% of the British population visit spas regularly!

We have used the principles of Thalassotherapy at St Brides Spa Hotel in our thermal suite and hydrotherapy pool. Think invigorating sea air, mineral-rich sustainably sourced sea salt water and marine-based products rich in trace elements and antioxidants...

A recent visit by the ‘Spa Spies’ from ‘The Good Spa Guide’ described our Marine hydrotherapy pool as follows:

“The jewel in St Brides’ crown really is the infinity hydro-pool. The warm outdoor salt pool overlooks the stunning coast; it almost feels like there’s nothing separating you from the ocean below. Station yourself by an air jet and stare up at the sky while the water gently massages your back.”

Of course the treatments we offer have expanded a lot since Ancient Greek times! However, massage still remains as one of the most popular choices from our treatment menu. This could be because massage has been scientifically proven to be effective in improving the immune system, accelerating the recovery process following an injury and relaxation of tense muscles.

Following the Spa Spies visit we were delighted to have been awarded a rating of ‘5 bubbles’ for our Spa. The Spa Spies commented, The setting is absolutely beautiful, and the hotel, spa and restaurant make the most of the surroundings. The well-managed thermal facilities are a treat and the outdoor infinity pool is seriously special. St Brides has personality; you couldn’t be anywhere else…”

Read the full review from the "Spa Spies"

So, with National Spa Week upon us, what more excuse do you need to plan visit?

St Brides Spa Hotel :: National Spa Week at St Brides Spa Hotel :: National Spa Week at St Brides Spa Hotel



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St Brides Spa Hotel :: National Spa Week at St Brides Spa Hotel :: National Spa Week at St Brides Spa Hotel :: National Spa Week at St Brides Spa Hotel

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